Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You keep me spinning

Every now and again I get completely agitated with the incomplete, disheveled state of our home. I'm not talking about the inevitable clutter of toys, books and junk mail--in a small home with a preschooler, a packrat, and a (sometimes) lazy housekeeper, I've resigned myself to their constant existance. We have lived in our house for just over a year, and there are some pretty significant things that we have yet to accomplish. Time and lack of finances have held us back, but that doesn't stop me from pouring over home design magazines and blogs searching for perfect paint color combos and my dream master bath complete with soaking tub.

First, there's the fence. Even when we purchased the house, it was in a state of disrepair. Rickety, wooden fence, falling down in places. How about this instead?

I love the look of the horizontal slats...much more sophisticated than the block fences in most Arizona yards.

Then there's the master bedroom {big project}. I'm longing for one of these:

...and am inspired by these peacock colours...

Wondering if the saturated color would be too much for the bedroom, but I just think it's so beautiful! Maybe an accent wall, combined with a more subtle neutral. I just can't help myself...good thing the hubs is mostly color blind, right? That little fact gives me much creative freedom (I also have a pink office!).

So, I will continue to sit here at my desk until 5pm and return to the charming house of much clutter. But at least it's all mine (ours).

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Amy Wing said...

I've always wanted to MAKE my own upholstered headboard. We should go shopping at SAS and see what we can find in the way of batting and fabric, order some cover buttons and get some plywood. Shouldn't be too hard... Will you help me with mine if I help you with yours?

I've also considered blue for my own bedroom. Of course, cleaning up the craft room and office should take precedence...