Sunday, September 7, 2008

To all the Pups I've loved before

TQ has loved animals from the time that she was very small. Today she would like to introduce you to a few of her favorites.
This shaggy pup is named D'Bella. TQ names all her pets herself, without our input. She is one of her rotating favorite pups.

These are some of her more diminutive friends. Daddy lets her buy them out of the little machine at the grocery store (way better then bubble gum, right?). They're great for when you're walking across the carpet barefoot, especially late at night!

This pink kitty has several aliases, including Sarah and Pinky. A constant playmate who can often be found sleeping in an empty tissue box or Lego container. Precious.

TQ is growing weary of all this animal talk. Show and tell is over (for now...).

NEXT time, she will introduce to the infamous golden pooch that we all love, PUDDING!!!
{yes, that really is her dog's name, no foolin'}


Jannie "Funster" said...

The last photo is priceless. Timeless! She is one cute little girl.

Amy Wing said...

Love the expression in the last photo! Cracks me up.