Monday, September 1, 2008


Sorry I have been so absent these past couple weeks; every spare moment not at work or home has been used to prepare for Gauche Alchemy's big launch September 1! It's here, finally, and to see the freshly posted kits in our humble Etsy shop is more gratifying than I could have imagined.

Here is a layout I completed last night using the products from the "Lush" kit featuring the fabulous and tarty Renee. As the title indicates, she is one high class broad (and one of my very favorite people in the world):

All I ask of you is this... visit our blog, and stop by our store and let us know what you think. Even if you don't have a scrapbookin' art-makin' bone in your body, any feedback that you have would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support--wish us luck and SPREAD THE WORD!

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Yasu said...

Great! I can never put these paper together!