Friday, January 16, 2009

It's 2009, Baby!

shimelleFor many of us who scrapbook, we spend alot of time documenting places, experiences and OTHER people, but rarely do we reflect on ourselves. For me, I have always kept a journal(since I was about 7 years old). But in recent years I have strayed from that ritual, and I really miss having those moments of introspection. To start 2009, I have decided to create something for me, about me, so that I remember me. I'm not talking about resolutions, or even goals perse. But I want to take note of who I am now, and who I want to be.

Quel bon chance that I came across THIS! The ever-creative and delightful Shimelle is offering a free mini-class to say "thanks" to all of her supporters, and to start 2009 on a creative foot, if you will. You don't have to sign up or give your mother's maiden name; you just have to visit her blog to receive the various downloads. I definitely plan on participating in this class-- I think it's the perfect opportunity to spend some "me" time. And maybe it would be perfect for you, too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hidden appeal

So, I was taking a little break from my morning duties at work, and I stumbled across an article entitled "10 Sexy Careers You Never Thought Of." And, lo and behold, these are the top two:

Here are 10 careers that have more sex appeal than you probably realize:
1. Administrative assistants- When you visit almost any workplace, a smiling administrative assistant greets you. Very often you don't know if you're in the right place, whom you need to speak with or even what you need to do. Administrative assistants know the answers and, because they're your first points of contact, they have to be well-groomed and kind to visitors. Knowledge, good looks, a nice personality and helpfulness? Yes, please. And since they frequently work closely with high-level executives who value their opinions, they often possess a hidden but large cache of power. Administrative assistants pretty much have the whole package.

2. Baristas- If you're one of those coffee drinkers who don't speak to anyone and whom nobody wants to speak to until you've had your morning cup, is any occupation more attractive than barista? Before the sun rises, baristas are hard at work and ready to serve you with a smile. They understand your special ordering language and don a uniform, even if it consists of only casual clothes with an apron and cap. And no cologne or perfume they buy will ever be more alluring than the aroma of coffee that blankets them even after they leave work.

Thank you, thank you very much. **blush**
If you have known me for any length of time, you would know that I currently work as an Administrative Office Manager, and enjoy my job quite a bit. And during my college days (and some post-college days), I was a barista. I am still a great lover of coffee culture, and proud of my (mostly inactive) superior barista skills. So, I guess there must be some sexiness waiting to be unlocked in me, perhaps it's been there all the time...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Giddy with Hope.

This fabulous print is available HERE.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Kits are here!!!

Amy and I have really gone all out in creating these December kits for Gauche Alchemy! Each kit is so full of vintage goodies and various holiday ephemera, I can barely stand it--

Adorable felt shapes, holiday advertisements from the 40's and 50's, epoxy letters, vintage-inspired fabrics and handmade fabric buttons. It's certainly our largest kit yet, and quite possibly my favorite!

Here is the original post on the Gauche Alchemy site: December Kit

Please note that there are still 3 of the Cosmo Cricket booklets to give away, so go snatch up your kit today!! Visit our SHOP. Through 12/23/08, take 20% off any one kit in stock or free U.S. shipping (international customers will get an $8 shipping credit). To get this discount, please use the code "HOLIDAY10" in the comment/message box and indicate whether you'd like the free ship or 20% off.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Could it Be??

I think I'm in love...

with all things Hambly!
Would it be wrong to make out with a piece of paper...a softly shimmering, hand screenprinted, luscious piece of paper? Maybe I'll just caress it gently for now.
Papercuts, you know.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lessons in enough

The hubs has his second job interview at noon today (it's currently 11:58am). More than an interview, it is an audition of sorts-- he is giving a presentation to a class of sixth graders in hopes of landing a job teaching humanities at a fantastic private school. Quite nervous, he is, and doubting his capabilities and talent.
I sit at my desk and send him a silent message (as I often do)..."I love you; you can do this" I repeat in silent meditation over and over in hopes that he will feel my fervent support. But the message I immediately got back was "love is not enough."
If love is indeed insufficient, then what shall I give? Hubs has, during this (too long) period of unemployment, stated that I have not given him the kind of support he requires. But when I earnestly asked what he needed from me, he could not articulate.
So, every day I give all that I can. I get up in the morning before the sun is up, prepare for the day and commute to work. I spend the daylight hours performing my office duties at a job that I enjoy (but does not begin to fulfill my calling in life). I take care of others, and then drive home to care for MY "others", my family. Dinners are prepared, a munchkin gets a bath (if it's a good day), and we try to enjoy a few hours of family life before the cycle starts all over again. I know that we are blessed, and I am so thankful for all we have.
But carrying this all is kind of starting to hurt my shoulders...
I continue to follow this routine daily as my way of showing support and love for my family. I pay every bill (one task among many) so we can have a cozy home, food in our pantry, and so that TQ can have a happy childhood. I may not be the perfect cheerleader, and my support might not be in the form of fresh flowers on the nightstand, or frosted cupcakes on a platter delivered with a smile (although we do make cupcakes from time to time), but it's what I can give. It's my heart in the form of homemade lasagna, or a game of CandyLand, or clean, cool sheets on the bed.
I think it's enough. I hope it's enough.
At least for today.

Monday, November 24, 2008

See, toddler parties CAN be fun!!

This weekend we attended the birthday party of my dear friend Amy's daughter, Jhaleah. The train park was the name of the game, and we enjoyed the fantastic weather and watched the kids run around. Here are some highlights...
~Stefan, Amy, Yasu and our kiddos on the train~

Here's the birthday cutie taking a ride on the carousel with her mom!

I can't believe how big the girls are getting! TQ will be four in a month (no wonder I'm so tired!)
If you love these photos, please visit Liquid Shutter Photography! Anna and Stephen are an amazing team here in Phoenix. Family photos for the holidays??? We had a family photo session with them a couple years ago, and a few of the pics are featured in the "lifestyle" section of their website. New baby, weddings, family photos...they do a fantastic job!