Wednesday, August 6, 2008



I, along with my (other) business partner, Amy Wing, are tickled pink to announce the upcoming launch of our kit club, Gauche Alchemy. These darling scrapbook and collage kits will be full to the brim with vintage goodies of all sorts-- ribbons, children's books, buttons, sheet music, advertisements--as well as a selection of complimentary crafty supplies and scrapbook papers. Each kit will have a theme; something catchy, perhaps something slightly innapropriate, dark and always humerous.
We officially launch in the beginning of September [so soon!], but in the mean time, take a look at our blog to get a sneak peek. Make sure you leave a comment on the latest Gauche blog entry to be entered in a fabulous drawing!!!
Amy and I have had so much fun hand-picking all the amazing finds to include in these premier kits. We have spent months scheming (I mean planning) this business concept and doing all the legwork to get it ready. It hardly seems like work because it's just so darn fun! I can not wait to open our Etsy shop so we can share our treasures with all of you!
So, stay tuned for updates (and maybe some prizes!) If you would like to reserve a kit, drop me a line. We are planning on keeping the prices around $30+shipping. We will also have "grab bags" full of trims, fabric and smaller items for $10-$15.
Hooray! I'm so excited, I think I could tinkle!

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