Friday, August 22, 2008

Every now and again...

we need to know that we're not our struggles, in our successes, in our everyday activities. This is a post from a fabulous design blog, Decor8, that I read regularly. It is beautifully written and very inspirational-- please take a moment to read it. This particular post really struck a chord with me, as it speaks to exactly where I'm at in finding
my creative "place"
in the world. I find myself getting resentful towards the unfavorable circumstances before me, every obstacle small or large, and discouraged in general because of the amount of responsibilities pulling me in all directions. But **hello**, that's life! Life is full of hurdles, responsibilities and obligations that must be attended to. But it is also full of joy, magical moments, and blissful contentment if we choose to see those things. I think that if we could spend more time being thankful for all those wonderful things we have in our lives right now and less time wishing things were somehow different, perhaps that peace can wash over the chaos. I need to let go and focus on fostering creative activities in my daily life, and creating an environment that will allow my artistic career to develop, as opposed to trying to control every detail and getting completely overwhelmed in the process. My careerIS moving forward, and I truly believe that things will fall into place, but in the meantime, there are 3-year-old princesses to play dress-up with and a hubs that could use an extra smooch (or two).
~artwork: "we all flock to ruby" by Marisa at Creative Thursday~

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