Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My computer knows that I'm fat

I mean, it's not all that hard to see, even if you're an extremely near-sighted mole looking at my figure from the 50-yard line in a snow storm. I live with my abundance of flesh on a daily basis, and with the exception of the occasional "fat pants" day, I can honestly say that my self esteem is firmly intact. But, my computer has decided that just being fat isn't enough; it has decided to remind me with every web page I open. A birage of ads with the latest miracle diet regime or pill pop up at me from all sides. The left sidebar challenges me to "lose my belly fat", and attempts to disgust me by showing me a BEFORE picture of a woman's midsection that I could only dream of having. Is it wrong that I find the "before" picture much more appealing than the rock-hard, bronzed "after" picture? Just the fact that I would have to work hard just to achieve the hideous "before" pic says something, right? What, I'm not sure...maybe that Americans need to relax, perhaps take a moment to squeeze some soft, round tushy and see how much more lovely it is than the super firm abs we're supposedly meant to have.


Amy said...

I'm with ya on all counts, Heather. The ideal media woman is sickeningly skinny... and I'm also living with my abundance of flesh. :)

Didja try out for Cosmo? I did... nada. But there were, like, 300+ applications. So, not unexpected.

Rachael said...

Amen Sister! Amen!