Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's the little things

After three years, I got new glasses! Here they are in all their sassy glory, and I couldn't be more giddy!

To celebrate (not really), Stefan and I had a great date night. TQ spent the night at Grandma's house, and we went out on the town for the best Tuesday night date that ever was: sushi at Ichi Ban on Central and Thomas, Trunk Space gallery for a brief visit, Phoenix Art Museum, a sprint into Borders at the Biltmore for a latte, and then a movie at the Esplanade. We almost felt like we were dating again...or maybe it was the balmy 110degree heat combined with the luxury of being without child for a brief moment.
Thank you, husband, I had a lovely time!

{please, for the love of God, do NOT see the Love Guru...I really, truly wanted to like it, as I have been a huge fan of Mike Meyers for many years, but it was traumatically awful. I think part of me died a little from watching it. Don't get me wrong, we laughed, but it was the sort of embarrassed laugh of "are we really here, watching this? Did he really just make fart noises for three minutes straight?" Please, take my word-- I'm still reeling from the tragedy of it all.}

Hooray for new specs!


Amy said...

You two are terrifically cute.

I wonder if I'm ever going on a date again. *sigh*

I even mentioned to Brent not to forget his "homework assignment" from Nancy, and he was like, "What homework assignment."

Nice buddy - good to know romancing your wife is at the top of your priority list! ;D

Renee said...

I **love** your new glasses, by the way. I was too sleepy and distracted Saturday morning to actually *SAY* something about it, but they really are so so so cute! :-)

Yours is the third terrible review of the love guru. I'm so sad! :-( Have a fabulous night.

OH, and I love the scrap page of your folks. WOW!