Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

This weekend marked my 32nd birthday. Here are the highlights:

* I slept in (not having to set the alarm clock is a gift all by itself)
* Watched "Sixteen Candles"
* Went to brunch (twice) with friends and family
* Got a pedicure
* Was introduced to the heavenly bliss that is the "tSoynami" at Green
* Snuggled with the hubby
* Scrapbooked
* Went to a barbque at a dear friend's house
* Ate copious amounts of celebratory desserts including triple fudge cake and cappuccino creme brulee
* Was treated to fabulous wine and cheese at My Florist by friends new and old

Phew! After looking at that list, methinks that it's time to get back on the ol' diet. Salad city, here I come! Thanks, everyone, for a very fun and relaxing holiday weekend! I feel very loved.

Scrapbook layouts to come later this week, my friends!!!

**It has been brought to my attention that I made no mention of TQ in this entry. Rest assured, folks, that she was with me for most of these happenings, enjoying plenty of birthday cake, impressing friends and family with her wit and imagination and getting to stay up late with the big kids (mom and dad). Our favorite moment happened when Stephanie's brother and TQ were looking for her cat, and John said, "where's the princess?" and TQ exclaimed "Here I am!!!" Princess indeed.**

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Melissa Darby said...

I am glad that you had such a fabulous b-day! I thought about you this week and hoped that your b-day went well.
Talk to you soon
Love, Melissa