Friday, October 3, 2008


Every day has seemingly run into the next, and I hate it when people apologize for being "away" from their blog, because if you're doing it right, most of life happens while your away from your computer. And, believe you me, life is happening...every moment. Children are growing, relationships are evolving and changing (for better and for worse), and I find myself floating in a sea of financial concerns, still-hot afternoons (98 degrees in October!), and muttled personal relationships. But paired with these things are great support of friends and family, the excitement (and work) of a budding new business, and the satisfaction of making a way for myself and remembering that I am an artist EVERDAY, regardless of how many (or few) canvases I may touch on any given day.

Today I take a moment to observe myself, and realize what my subconsious already knows: I am completely capable of rising above the endless run-on sentence that is my life right now and find my way.

And, dare I say, be happy.

Don't leave me now, friends, because great things are afoot.


Amy Wing said...


And someone needs to cast that baby's tushie! :D

Rachael said...

I just noticed you had a "nie recovery" banner on your site. I saw that on another one of my friends websites...what a small world it is? Do you personally know these people or are you just spreading the word?

heather rene said...

I don't know the family personally, although we live only a few miles from each other. I've been a follower of her blog for several years, and have admired her creative work and views on motherhood. Since their accident, I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

heather rene said...
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